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1976 - THANKSGIVING RACES - COLORADO RIVER - PARKER, AZ                                    PHOTO BY R. KATZ

This picture was taken during an exhibition run made the day after a failed attempt to better the kilo straightaway record the BLUE GOOSE set two months earlier at New Martinsville, WV. It was surprising to see the crowd lined up five or six deep at the shoreline to watch us run solo, especially so considering the impressive K Boats were on hand in force to race and the Skiff attracted as much attention as a full field of K Boats. This was one of the most memorable trips we made out west as we visited all our suppliers and most of the top race boat builders in the south west. Between our stays in Arizona, California, and a week of skiing in Colorado our trip lasted six weeks. This trip influenced Jack Lawrence so that it was a contributing factor in his decision to move out west.

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