JULIAN RUCKI - MODESTO, CA


This is boat #3 out of the 1st generation Wrap mold, believed to be built  in 1976-1977. It was built for a family member to be a river boat but that plan never panned out. Richard Rucki, on his 28th birthday, purchased the bare hull with not one hole drilled in it, along with a trailer and some spare hardware from Rick Wimer in 1987, hence the number P-28. Over 14 years, Richard and Julian Rucki fabricated the hardware and assembled it. The underwater hardware; plates, rudder, and strut were templated from then Jeff Walsh's 99-P. It was finally finished in the last 6 months of 1999 and made its debut in all white rough gel coat form with duct tape for numbers and a better then junk 350 just to get it on the water. It ran that way for approximately 1 1/2 years to get the set up the way we wanted. It was painted silver and black as we are raider fans and named renegade. At the Oroville race in 2000 the junk motor finally went, and it was then that Julian came on as a half partner with brother Richard in the ownership of the boat. With a new motor along with a real name and number painted on it, the BIG RUC RACING team was created. The BIG standing for Bigotti, a restaurateur who also came on as a silent partner and team chef, and of course RUC for Rucki. The team finished 4th in points in the 2002 season, competing in some 25 events. It's also earned the Cracker Club Hard Luck Award 2 years in a row and an award for best supporting cracker box racing in general. The primary engine is a stroked 275 cid Chevy with twin 600 Holleys on a Weiand tunnel ram. Sponsored by Sierra Nevada River Boat Cruises of Old Sacramento, CA and Racor/Parker Hannifn Filtration, this is one of only a few old/new boats that has been named only once and the owners plan on keeping it that way.


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